‘Animal City’ is an interactive performance that explores dynamics of human behavior and movements, spontaneous and organized crowds of urban jungles. It presents an imaginary city as a living microcosm build up by playful activities, common actions and mechanisms of cooperation and obedience. The performance is co-created on the stage with the audience based on precise instructions and narratives.

Receipient of the STAFÉTA Grant 2018.

⊹ Created and performed by: Dániel Daud, János Kliment, Dávid Somló, Veronika Szabó
⊹ Set and stage design: Lőrinc Rácz
⊹ Light: Kata Dézsi
⊹ Producer: SÍN Culture Center
Production assistant: Zsuzsanna Balogh
Coproduction partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

"Animal City gives us what we need the most: feeling liberated by playing."
Győri-Drahos Martin, Pótszékfoglaló

"This performance is not about animals, it is about humans, as they try to see the beauty and nature of the world that surrounds them."
Fehér Anna Magda, Szinhaz.net