"Maybe the best contemporary hungarian band."   - Lang Ádám, Urbanplayer.hu

What turns a one chord song into a spiritual practice? What connects improvisation with gang vocals, sufi rave music to tape loops? A music, far beyond form and emptiness. Dorota was founded in 2009 by three Hungarian musicians, Aron Porteleki, Daniel Makkai and David Somló. With the success of their first untitled adventurous art-rock album, and their second triple(!) album Frik (I. Kisoroszi, II. Miss Favour, III. Nagyoroszi) the band has become a major player in the experimental music scene of Budapest, and is celebrated as one of the most unique contemporary bands in Hungary. Their third album released titled Solar the Monk was selected ‘Album of the year’ in 2019 by leading Hungarian music magazine Recorder and landed on the top of other national album lists as well. The song 'Solar the Monk' was later chosen by music critiques as the third best hungarian song of the decade (444.hu). Their last EP ‘Good’ (2023) was composed into one continuous and often surprising flow of atmospheres, spaces and orchestrations. During the process the two most prominent inspirations were the shifts in their personal life and a long planned, yet physically never happened journey to the North Caucasus to work with Circassian label Ored Recordings and their affiliated musicians.

"A rare piece of creation. And not only in Hungarian music."
Rónai András, Vs.hu 

"It is difficult to write any kind of review about this work, it is so autonomous with so unique references... Dorota became from an amazing band to an even better."
Lang Ádám, Magyar Narancs

"Overall, 'Frik' articulates a pretty fetching and expensive landscape that constricts and expends at its own will. It's the kind of ambient journey that allows you to plug in with your own inner scenery if only you would allow it."
mad:dog, Chain DLK

"Easily my most adventurous listen in a very long time... it is a journey that you are not going to forget that easily. " Freejazzblog

"Even if this is the last album they ever put out, it’s a classic of its kind."
New York Music Daily

"These Hungarians are trying to mix the free group improvisation on the ground of avantgarde rock music and they manage it without any doubt."

"It is certainly one of the best examples I've seen of free music."
Na Mira Do Groove

"Once you start listening to the album, it won't be easy to stop."
Pesti Műsor