Available for commission for local remakes.

As a thought experiment derived from his award nominated public space choreography ‘Drift’, David Somló’s meta-dancefilm is exploring pedestrian movement as a highly detailed choreography. The 18 minutes long piece is developed from one single shot of one of the busiest squares of Budapest and narrated as a director’s commentary, questions the understanding of our everyday movements.

"It is 2029. As a recognition of his innovative, revolutionary approach in performing arts Dávid Somló receives a 2,5 million euro (!) creative scholarship from a Swiss foundation. From this huge amount, he created a short, but enormous choreography that balances on the threshold of reality and abstraction. The work employed 452 international performers, 38 assistant choreographers and dozens of volunteers and it was performed at the iconic Széll Kálmán square of Budapest. During this film we'll see the documentation of this powerful piece of art, with the commentary of the choreographer."

// All characters and events depicted in this film are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  //

  Concept & Choreography: Somló Dávid
  Assistant choreographers: Patrik Kelemen, János Kliment, Imre Vass among others
  Video: Gergő Ofner
  Kamera: Éva Szász

Supported by:  Placcc Festival, BÖF, NKA, EMMI, SÍN, Műhely Alapítvány and Artists For The Future - Switzerland