In 'Slow Steps have Ears', 25 speakers are hidden from sight at public parks, that each play a series of interwoven, site-specific compositions pieced together from locally recorded sounds, snippets of conversations, domestic sounds and minimalist musical elements. Blending in and out of its surroundings, the piece transforms its location into a unique, dreamlike soundscape that invites the audience on an experience somewhere between a sonic meditation and a treasure hunt of sounds.

The speakers scattered around in the space offer a brand new soundscape to the listener from whichever location they choose, through the unique combinations of sounds audible at each location. The composition is repeated hourly, and as each speaker plays a different part that also changes over time, audience members are advised to relocate as often as they wish.

“ Once you start experiencing the world with the sense that the world is actually speaking, every sound of the world is telling you a history (...) You’re reaching across the horizon of time, through sound, through that which continues to speak and echo. But you have to be able to listen.  - Peter Sellars

‘Slow Steps have Ears' was created within the framework of the of the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists program, with the help of ‘Ferencváros Public Art’ tender, and Placcc Dance Festival.
Concept & Composition: Dávid Somló 
Installation: Balázs Kontur 
Production manager: Fanni Nánay (Placcc Festival)


2024 May 14-21  // Placcc Extra, Gellért-hegy, Budapest, HU
2023 Oct. 13-15.  //  4+4 Days in Motion Festival, Prague, CZ
2023 Jun. 14-17.  //  Physical and Dance Theatre International Festival, Tbilisi, GE
2023 May 11-27.  //  Placcc Dance Festival, Budapest, HU
2023 Apr. 28-29.  //  Sofia Underground, Sofia, BG

An experimental ‘behind the scenes’ short film was created from the footage of Irakli Margishvili.