"Repetition is a form of change" - Brian Eno

Can a motion or a melody be static? Music and motion move parallel to each other. Will they meet at some point in eternity?

A study in transformation by which means change may at times be barely perceptible despite the evidence of its existence. Everything changes. Even the things that at first apprear to be motionless. Repetition does not only govern the events on stage but also foregrounds the mechanisms of the audience's attention.

A collaboration with Imre Vass. The piece which premiered in Amsterdam, and was played in various iterations in London, Berlin, Budapest, Győr and in Stadl an der Mur.

"The main focus of the performance is playing with the perception and attention of the audience."
Králl Csaba, Élet és Irodalom 

"The tense attention is sharpening our senses as we are trying to find symbolic meaning in the subtle changes."
Dézsi Fruzsina, Revizor