By highlighting the mysterious nature of the sounds we hear day-to-day, ‘Overheard’ explores the inescapable act of listening: how do we relate to the fact that we inevitably hear everything around us, regardless of whether we want to or not? Where do all these sounds come from, and how do they shape our image of reality?

Overheard fabricates an abstract yet familiar environment for a blindfolded audience enclosed in a surround speaker setup.

The sound of interconnected urban living weaves through tapings of environmental noise, crosstalk, overheard conversations and speech recorded by actors – all of which are merged together to create a dreamlike, associative, eerie yet humorous world that mirrors our everyday reality back to us.

By combining the meticulously arranged sound composition with minimalist music and the intermittent appearance of performers, the audience’s perception of the theatrical space is expanded and enhanced – their senses heightened, their imagination teased from all angles, and the threshold between what is deemed real and fictional ultimately blurred.

  Sound, director: Somló Dávid
 Co-creators: Ivan Mijacevic, Vass Imre  
 Dramaturg: Szabó-Székely Ármin

" I am sitting blindfolded on the main stage of Trafó House. (...) It feels cinematic, and if it is a cinema, then it is full 4D, as the artists made sure that 'Overheard' is creating a continous spatial immersion."
Orbán Krisztina,

"I am interested in the expereience of togetherness, the bodily presence in the space that surrounds us. For me, interdisciplinary forms serve these experiences the best. If the balance of narrative, performative or musical parts would be unequal, there would be an unnecessary focus. In this way I can create a liminal space where the audience can have more attention on their perception, and the expereience can appear in them."
Interview by Papp Tímea, Papageno