‘Listening Club’ is a series of sound performances exploring the boundaries of listening in the plain, empty space of Trafó Studio. During these pieces a live spatial sound composition slowly unfolds on the senses, creating an immersive, field recording-inspired environment that will envelope the listener.
Thus, Listening Club will transcend the individual nature of those attending to create a collective experience.

"In Somló's piece, from the cacaphonie of contradictory sounds organically morphing into a symphony"
Németh Fruzsina Lilla, Népszava

"The sound is expanding in the space, is becoming omnipresent, resonating from all places. Then, behind my closed eyes, the sound slowly materializes, gains its own matter, substance, volume. (...) Our sensation of space is changing, there are no walls or roof, we are floating in emptiness, far away from our everyday realities."
Viktória Beličáková, kapcsolj.be blog 

"The concentric organisation of audience seats is provoking an exciting and slightly tense situation for the audience and I also start to observe the others: the smiling girl, who slightly theatrically arrives into the situation, the tall young man who is swaying his head left-right in his concentration. The inner and outter attention mixes then spreads around as a flock of birds, it is waveing up and down, in its own dynamics. The experience of attention becomes central as the events kineticaly spreads through us in circles.”
Essay about Performativity of Sound, Zsuzsa Komjáthy, Színház Magazin 

"I am interested in the sounds that can have dramaturgical layers, those that are connected to some sort of situation. When I am thinking in the structure of the piece, I am thinking in a performative arch rather then musical."
Várkonyi Zsolt, Librarius