'The Space Is In Between Us' is a sound and movement performance frame for exploring togetherness. It takes place in non-theatre spaces, ideally an office, shop front or hall. The audience experiences the work through being invited to arrange a collection of objects and plants at particular intervals over a duration of 1-4 hours. Seats are placed in response to the composition in a way that provokes new perspectives. Each performance is bespoke, unique to the audiences present.

A collaboration with Alexandra Baybutt. Performed in London and Berlin.

“Effortlessly in synch with each other, they bring both a reassuring and energising force to this work. Their strength lies in how they manage to direct whatever might happen in the space and for every night it will be different. “
Jo Leask, London Dance

The two artists in this pleasing performance succeed in giving ‘space exploration’ – a favourite topic of newspapers – a whole new meaning. I found it charming and thought provoking.”
Claire Cohen, Ballet Bichon blog

@DonaldHutera Intuitive (performers AND audience) unforced organic: @thespaceis till Nov 29 @theatredeli on Farringdon Road..”  - Via Twitter

I forgot that I was many miles away from my home… ”   -  Gábor

The work has stayed with me over the past days and made me think differently about the spaces we occupy.  -  Hannah

I stopped thinking. ”  - Dori

Unlike most art in which you feel the company is under ever-increasing pressure to shock and amaze - either through story or spectacle - this piece was contemplative and introspective for the viewer (…) I was extremely engaged the entire time which was especially surprising as I am easily bored these days by television, the internet, films...maybe we are missing space in our lives now… Rachel

'A dog may or may not have barked' is the proto version of the piece, and was performed 6 times in a former BBC office.

"The work’s title lightly evokes memory, obliquely, at a glance, as if trying to recall, via senses, something that was significant. Thus the expansive validity of some small things. Thus the richness of poetic resonance, with its expansive web-like structure of associations triggered by sense-forms.”
Lizzy Le Quesne, choreography.net