"Quantum listening is listening to more than one reality simultaneously. Listening for the least differences possible to perceive - perception at the edge of the new. (…) One focuses to a point and changes that point by listening."
Pauline Oliveros - Quantum listening

During the multichannel sound installation ‘Every sound is a thin blue line’ 19 hidden sound sources were installed in the rooms, furniture and objects of the K28 Gallery, inviting the audience to a sonic meditation. The sound composition which composed to the spaces of the flat as well as in reaction to the 'pure form' artworks, showed different layers from any chosen listening perspective. As the audience's ears were becoming more and more attentive, it offered a wide variety of subtle details and created an intimate, but intense collective listening experience.

"The whole space has the effect that we are in different dimension and sounds and noises are comming from a parallel reality. (...) Sometimes just barely noticable sounds are communicating in the sphere, other times powerful resonations are vibrating through the rooms."
Steven Loom, Kiállításmegnyitó blog (In Hungarian)

"My ears were transformed - to Ears."

" Thanks that I could make my inner voice quiet through this work! "

" Magical ghostcat romp. "

" Sensitive, complex and exciting! "

" I felt myself and the unity. Thanks! "

" Many thoughts came up, but I won't write them down. We should watch the walls more often. "

" It was great that the sounds of the installation and the sounds from the streets were blending together in a way that many times I couldn't decide which comes from where. "